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Friday, Nov 30 – Santiago and home to Toronto overnight

December 1, 2012

Our plane didn’t leave until 9pm. Time for one last day of Santiago discovery.


We walked up the main streets, following the main, red subway line. The buildings are very modern, the economy booming.


Eventually we wandered into the subway, which is extremely efficient and well run. The government has made this system a priority. Our goal was Los Domenicos, the end of the red line.


There is a craft market here, probably the best one in Santiago.


The artisans were actually on the premises, orking on their art. Most of the stalls we saw throughout our trip were reselling products that were made elsewhere. In Peru, there are large artisan manufacturing facilities, which explains why all the stalls seem to carry the same goods.


Craft Market Kitties hard at work.


We had lunch in Bella Vista, at the same restaurant we used on Monday. Next we headed back to the Hotel Orly to wait for our ride to the airport.

It was a long overnight flight to get back to Toronto, but it was great to have a direct flight and also great to be home, after our best vacation yet!


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