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Wednesday, Nov 28 – Valparaiso

November 29, 2012

We are staying on Hilla Bellavista. There are all told 28 hills here, all populated and accessed via cobbled twisty roads. Last night we made the mistake of going down into the town to find a place to eat. It turns out that there are two good restaurants within walking distance.

Last night the riot squad was on alert, down by the main square. We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant, where the paddy wagon and other riot vehicles were parked. Part way through our average, and quite salty meal, they packed up and left.


Valparaiso suburbs viewed back from our hotel.


The downhill view.

There are beautifully painted houses and murals everywhere here. We walked over to the next hill, crowned by Le Conception church.





The church.


To get to the top of the hill, you can use a funicular, or most people seem to use a group taxi, which costs about 2 US per person.

We took the funicular down to the Main Street.


Funicular track


The other car ascending. It is painted like the Chilean flag.

We hope to eat here tonight, about 150 meters from our hotel.



Tonight we will collect our maps and choose our escape route. There is supposed to be a gentler way down on the other side of the church. The route up would be similar to driving off a cliff.

We travel back to Santiago via the Casablanca Valley. The have good Pinot Noir there. We only have a 120 Km. drive left, as we head back to the Hotel Orly for our final night in Chile, and South America.


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