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Thursday Nov 23 – Travel to Santiago, Chile

November 23, 2012

We had a seven plus hour bus ride from Mendoza to Santiago Chile. Actually it was much shorter, it took two lines and a baggage check at the border, a total of two and a half hours to clear customs. It was organized chaos, two windows to get stamped out of Argentina and the into Chile. The two agents could have just passed the passports over to each other, getting rid of a line, but both had to read the passports in their scanners separately.


Julia in the upstairs, front seat of the El Rapido bus

We scored seats on the upstairs of the double decker bus. We had sequential seats, but not together.


A Mendoza Vineyard


Into the Andes

There is an abandoned narrow guage rail line on this route, abandoned after a tiff between the two countries several years ago. There is talk of putting the train back in service. It would be a spectacular run.

The Argentinian side road is a gentle climb. Just before the border, you go through a 3 km tunnel.


Jam up at the border crossing.

On the Chilean side the scenery is spectacular and the road switchbacks down through the mountains.



Where ther is no irrigation, the landscape is dry and full of cacti and other drought tolerant plants.


Where there is irrigation, grape vineyards predominate.

We are staying in the Providencia part of Santiago. There are many street trees and parks. Our bank, Scotiabank has a strong presence here.


Santiago Boulevard


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